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Игры в онлайн рулетки

She is making no money even after driving thousands of miles. ROMER: And this, Kimberley working without getting paid - this is not the system failing. This is the system working exactly the way it was designed to. Kimberley and thousands of drivers like her losing money driving all our stuff around - that is part of how we consumers, how we can игры в онлайн рулетки cheap things. GONZALEZ: Игры в онлайн рулетки is obviously a big part of that.

ROMER: Benjamin put me in touch with Steve Viscelli, a sociologist at the University of Pennsylvania who specializes in trucking.

Игры в онлайн рулетки Steve has been studying the trucking industry for years. As part of his research, he actually worked as a long-haul truck driver himself for six months. VISCELLI: And I might start in upstate New York and pick up a load of beer, drive игры в онлайн рулетки a thousand miles up to Michigan, you know, pick up a load of steel coils, bring those down to Mobile, Ala. Как играть онлайн в казино вулкан in the 1930s, Steve says long-haul trucking became highly, highly regulated.

Prices were set not by supply and demand but by cartels of trucking companies.

The federal government did have to sign off on those prices, but once they did that, that was it. ROMER: On the labor side, up to that point, trucking unions had been this super localized thing. The union president, a guy by the name of Jimmy Hoffa, might have heard of him, игры в онлайн рулетки gets truckers a great deal. VISCELLI: Truckers made great wages, even better than unionized autoworkers зарабатывания денег в игре steelworkers at the time.

So it was one of игры в онлайн рулетки best blue-collar jobs in the United States without a doubt. Regulation, government involvement in price setting - these things were just costing consumers too much.

So Congress rewrites the rules. GONZALEZ: The government starts deregulating all kinds of industries - telephone companies, airlines and trucking. ROMER: Now, instead of trucking companies getting together and setting prices and the government signing off on it, the market is wide open. VISCELLI: Anybody could move anything anywhere.

All you needed игры в онлайн рулетки a truck and a driver. And very quickly, rates plummeted. ROMER: All of a sudden, it got very, very hard to turn a profit as a trucking company.]



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