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игры продавец на кассе с деньгами в супермаркетах

Игры продавец на кассе с деньгами в супермаркетах

I have to say, it was great to get away from my office chair, even if it was only for a few days.

First stop was Northwestern, and the convocation for the graduates of the Medill School of Journalism, where I was given an honorary doctorate. Professor Emeritus Roger Boye gave me a very kind introduction, and presented me with my new hood as Doctor of Humane Letters.

And then it was my turn. The Northwestern campus has changed a great deal since my days as a student, half a century ago.

So has the city of Evanston. Old landmarks gone, new buildings everywhere… but still, enough remained to give me some vivid flashes of memory of years gone by and friends and lovers and teachers who changed my life and… for good or ill… helped make me the person I am today. Maybe so, but you can visit. It was nice to be back, however briefly.

After Evanston, I spent a few days in Chicago, accompanied by my loyal minion, Sid. That was great as well. Of course, we had to visit Greektown for some saganaki at the Greek Islands, where I first learned to love flaming cheese игры продавец на кассе с деньгами в супермаркетах still a student at Northwestern.

I also got to enjoy dinners with Mary Anne Mohanraj, one of my wonderful Wild Card writers, and Eve Ewing, who presented me with the Carl Sandburg Award on my last visit to Игры для заработка денег без вложений на телефон, both of them amazing writers.

That was fun too.

I even got to visit the pilot house and blow the whistle. We got back home on June 23rd. Of course, during my ten days on the road and away from the internet, the игра правило денег piled up, and I found some eight hundred letters waiting for me on my return.]



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